Simon Baev

Full Stack Web Developer

Full Stack Web Developer


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About Me

I am an engineer minded person who prefers practical solutions over theoretical discussions. I do appreciate the effort of those who already invented the wheel, but sometimes I find it more preferable to re-invent the one from scratch.


2005 — 2008, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering
University of Alabama in Huntsville
2005 — 2008, MS in Computer Engineering
University of Alabama in Huntsville
1994 — 2000, BS and MS in Electrical Engineering
South Ural State University, Russia

Professional Appointments

  1. Teach various CS/IT classes including but not limited to:
    • Computer Security
    • Computer Networks
    • Web development
    • UNIX/Linux
    • Operating Systems
  2. Design, implement, and support Schools’ Virtual Computer Infrastructure that spans:
    • VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus (ESXi + vCenter)
    • Dedicated file server (QNAP)
    • Firewall solution (pfSense)
    • Wireless infrastructure (Ruckus)
    • User management solution (MS AD synchronized with main campus AD by means of custom scripting facility)
  1. Motor control applications (Atmel, Motorola MCUs)
  2. Processing of secondary surveillance radar data (Xilinx FPGA)
  3. Development, simulation, and debugging of control algorithms

Skills / Experience

Web development
  • Node.js + Express (backend logic and control)
  • MongoDB (backend storage)
  • VueJS + Webpack (frontend logic and delivery)
  • Bootstrap 4 (frontend styling)
  • (realtime communication)
Computing infrastructure
  • vSphere: ESXi + vCenter (setup, configuration, redundancy)
  • Cisco L2 networking (experience with Catalyst 2960 Series Switches)
  • Network level firewall configuration (experience with pfSense)
  • Windows Server 2008R2 — 2016 (Domain Controller configuration)
  • Basic deployment of web applications (apache, nginx as reverse proxy)
Other skills
  • Penetration testing (Metasploit framework, Kali linux)
  • A/V processing (ffmpeg)
  • Mathematical modelling (Matlab)
  • Design and implementation of PCBs

Selected Projects

It was one of my early projects that I completed without any fundamental knowledge about frameworks... the only thing I new was jQuery. To see the project in action compare these two pages: original content vs. result of interactivity injection


This project I completed in collaboration with one colleague who has expertise in the area of decision making. He had a theory and needed a demo app. At that time I started learning Bootstrap so I jumped in her is the result


Every year starting from 1974 the School of Computing and Mathematics at GSW hosts Math Tournaments for High School students. Team sponsors (one from each School) provide registration info about team members (students). Then, on the day of Tournament, all students individually solve the same set of math problems and compete with other participants. Individual students' scores, teams' scores, and tournament statistics are then processed and winners are awarded with prizes.

For many years it was a common practice, that managing of registration data and processing of tournament results heavily depended upon manual labor:

  • Registrations were sent over email
  • Registration data were labeled on Scantron sheets by hands
  • Scanned results were handled by a C++ program to prepare printable reports
The HMT Project was developed for the Tournament of 2018 year to automate registration process and results handling. This application is discussed in great details in One recent project... section of this portfolio site.