Origin and background

I was born and raised in Russia where I also received my basic education including both BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering. Then, in 2005 I followed steps of my friends and went to USA to work on my Ph.D. Upon completion the Degree in 2008 I was hired in the rank of Assistant Professor at Georgia Southwestern State University. I received a tenured status and promotion for Associate Professor in 2014.

Professional intersets

For many years I was engaged with a variety of engineering problems including but not limited to development of control algorithms, signal processing, robotics, etc. Once, about 5 years ago, I faced the need to improve barely usable UI of some web resource that was mandatory on our campus, so I started learning JS and CSS. Project by project I evolved from using jQuery to vanilla JS, and then to frontend framework called VueJS. Almost over the same timeframe I learned and migrated from PHP + MySQL to NodeJS + MongoDB. My self-study was mainly influenced by a number of books published by Manning Publications.

Motivation to change the occupation

In my opinion, the modern higher education is drifting towards showing greater productivity metrics rather than towards mentoring students in their journey to the professional career. Such metrics are more focused on the process of improving the institutional effectiveness in various reports rather than on allowance for instructors to actually teach the students. Having less opportunity for the professional development, and more obligations to perform various reporting duties, many faculties give up with their true professional goals and adopt to new rules. I don’t want to be one of them.

I joined GSW as a fresh Ph.D. graduate, and since that time I spent almost 10 years in an effort to help those students who really needed my help, expertese, and experience. Many of them have successfully graduated and found their dream jobs… but unfortunately I cannot count more than twenty of them.

Putting it altogether: my professional achievements as a higher educator, the recent changes in educational environment, my engineering background, and my pasion for programming — I decided to change the occupation to become a professional web developer. Having this idea in mind I completed a number of projects while learning modern techniques and best practices. I realize that my knowledge and skillset are limited and are far from being complete. That’s why I would like to join professional software development team where my experience can grow without becoming obsolete.

My “dream” job

I like to work in an environment where my skills can be appreciated and used at full capacity. I enjoy the prototyping phase as much as I enjoy finishing up a project and releasing it to the client. My mind is open for new technologies but I prefer learning something that has a great potential. I like to listen others and I like to be listened. I value my time and I like it to be valued by others.

The next step of my self-development agenda

At the time of working on this site (Spring 2018) my plans include but are not limited to


I am married with two kids, have a dog and ride a motorcycle. I like to walk, swim, and play basketball. I enjoy different kinds of music ranging from Deep Purple and AC/DC to a variety of electronic beats. I like Alien[s] more than Star Wars and Star Trek. Years ago I gave up with social networking.